Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How pathetic is it that this guy is the leader of the U.S.? Plenty to rant about on this topic but the picture below just about sums it up!

Chris Weigant: Bush's "Peace Sign" Photo Caption Contest

Photo Credit: By Gerald Herbert -- Associated Press
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Read the accompanying article to see what Bush really said.

President Bush tried to duck the Iraq war debate in Congress by appearing at a YMCA yesterday. Unfortunately, the kids don't seem to have gotten the memo, and are having fun flashing peace signs. An obviously annoyed Bush is seen trying to push one child's arm down, while saying...

What caption would you write for this photo? The possibilities are endless!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Pigs are smart, a dilemma...

It's too bad they taste good. The least we could do is eat less of them. For the full story go here.

  • Andrea James says,
    Speaking of the poor pigs, ever seen a state of the art Jarvis bung dropper? Link. Be sure to watch the vid at upper right: Link. Not to be confused with a bung cleaner: Link. Or bung ring expander: Link. Or lung gun: Link. Or spinal cord remover: Link. Other fun links for kill floors and carcass prep: Link.

    Go veggie! I attached a pic of the best way to taste a pig.