Thursday, June 7, 2007

Keepin it real!

Gabriel Delahaye: The G-8 Protesters Are Clowns

The annual G-8 Summit is well underway in Heiligendamm, and as is de rigeur with the anarchist middle-to-upper-middle-class white kids of the world, the meeting of the world's leaders is being protested. Fine. I understand the aversion that the Avril Lavignes of the world feel towards globalization and a free-market economy, but the part that I don't get is why they are confused that no one takes them seriously.

A motley band of more than 800 protesters -- some sporting fluorescent wigs and clown noses -- scampered through woods and across fields to evade police patrols Wednesday and reach the barbed-wire fence sealing off the Group of Eight summit.

Oh, good work. Nothing says "take me seriously, I have important views on the geopolitical situation that need to be heard" like CLOWN COSTUMES.


You know, just because you think George Bush is an asshole, it doesn't make you not an asshole.

Maybe when you are finished squeezing out of your Clown Peugeot, you can take your protest to Kid Nation. I think that a bunch of nine-year-olds drunk off of nickel root beers would be really open to the idea that parents just don't understand.

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