Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Great Disgrace in U.S. History

Time Magazine's August 13th issue leads with a cover highlighting just how pathetic the situation in New Orleans is. One of the United States greatest cities was abandoned by the country that should have been there to help its residents and its culture and history. Instead we watched, made a spectacle and otherwise abandoned the people, the wonder, and the mystic that makes New Orleans what it is. All the while we shipped U.S. citizens overseas to fight a war that was ill contrived at best, cost billions of dollars and has disrupted a fragile region of the world.

The current government, correction the current presidential administration and its cronies are to blame for these atrocities. The U.S. public is to blame to for not holding responsible those that have lead us down the wrong paths, while overlooking the needs of the people we are most responsible to.

Another set of stories and images about another U.S. tragedy. Will the U.S. wake up, will we solve these problems or will we ignore those things around us while we revel in our own gluttony?

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